Town Planning Office Educating Public

Residents invited to meet and greet to learn more about development.

Over recent months, it's been the most controversial and maligned part of town government, so next month Mount Pleasant is inviting the public to learn more about planning and development.

And two other opportunities in 2013 will bring citizens into town offices for education on how residential and commercial developments are planned and approved.

An Oct. 4 "meet and greet" at Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park will introduce several new programs meant to provide information to the public about planning and development.

Several stations set up in the park's Cooper Room will offer information and staff will speak to residents regarding current regulations, planning projects, and other topics.

Planning and Development Department Meet and Greet
5 p.m. – 7 p.m., Thursday, October 4, 2012
Cooper River Room, Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park

Specifically, the town wants to educate the public on the following topics:

- Website/Technology
- Comprehensive Plan
- Demographics
- Commercial Design Review
- Draft Master Bike/Pedestrian Plan
- Business Development (NEW)
- Building Plan Review and Permitting
- FEMA and Flood regulations
- Tree Protection
- Town Parks
- Mapping and GIS

And, introducing two new programs for 2013:

The Citizens Planning College
Citizens can sign up for the Planning College to learn more about zoning, the Comprehensive Plan, the Building Code, land development, and other current planning and development topics.

Code for Lunch
Hosted by staff, this is a quarterly luncheon geared toward engineers, architects, and other planning professionals. The purpose is to provide opportunity to learn more about FEMA regulations, Town commercial design standards, and more.

Ambassador September 22, 2012 at 12:47 PM
Good idea. Same results. Those that really complain are doing so for reasons that have nothing to do with understanding planning and zoning. Even with a simple explanation, they will start their retort with "but" as if they never heard a word the experts say. Cannot hurt to reach out but this is more complicated than education when it comes to affecting NIMBY.
Civic Citizen September 22, 2012 at 03:07 PM
It is not about NIMBY. It is about our town. What direction do we want to take? Do we want sustainable development that supports local businesses and citizens with living wages or do we want to go backwards and build megalithic, single-use buildings that will be empty in a few years? Do we want development that pays such low wages with no benefits...so low that people with those jobs cannot afford to live in Mt Pl? Do we want development that is walkable and bike-able and that connects and enhances communities? Or do we want development that walls off communities and forces people to drive to them? Who are these "experts" that you are talking about? Are these the same folks that neglected to talk to the shrimpers to find out what it would take for them to actually use the docks that the town just paid lots of tax-payer money to build? Are these the same folks who designed the new Coleman Blvd. project so that businesses were blocked off from traffic? How about the new high-maintenance landscaping for Highway 17 improvements? I totally agree that reaching out is a great idea. But BOTH sides are going to have to really listen for this to work. The Mayor has been known to literally walk away when someone asked a question regarding the effects that big box stores will have on residents and property values. At TC meetings he is condescending towards those who have differing opinions. With that kind of attitude, it will be difficult to find common ground.
Ambassador September 23, 2012 at 11:13 AM
Mom, apple pie, koombayah and lets dance around the maypole tree. You state many admirable things for a town---are you going to pay for all of them? Nice to have everyone riding their bikes and just having a wonderful time--sounds like Century City or Sun City but not a viable, growing town. You second guess a host of so-called failures--I tend to agree with some but if you really researched them you will be surprised by what you will find as the reasons for some---arrived at by town government who sometimes make decisions based on reality and not wishful idyllic thoughts. Everything you say is true, but there is a real world out there that does not always fit what everyone wants. As far as NIMBY is concerned, there is not one development out there that adjacent communities have not raised up their opposition to for any number of reasons--some legit, some just plain NIMBY. You don't like the mayor (nothing like a "has been known to walk away" or "condescending at TC meetings"comments---probably was not impressed by hysterical screaming residents who do not even want to listen--do not know how many TC meetings you have been to but odds are I've been to more), you don't like the direction the town is going, you don't like their decisions---you vote--- and if that does not work, you move, as if you are going to find your shangrila anywhere else. Wish you well and glad you seemingly get involved in town affairs--sometimes you can make a difference. Try applying for a town board.


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