Teachers Like McGinley's Leadership

Despite long hours and budget cuts, most teachers approve of McGinley and principals.

Charleston County teachers think Superintendent Nancy McGinley is doing a solid job, according to results of a systemwide teacher poll conducted by the Charleston Teacher Alliance.

Seventy-five percent of teachers surveyed said McGinley is an effective leader, and 79 percent think she communicates effectively.

"These are notably good scores in general, but more so in the context of our current budget situation and the cuts that have come with it," the survey notes.

The scores were less positive for McGinley's area superintendents. Only 55 percent of respondents reported actually seeing those administrators in person, and only 39 percent believed their area superintendent was effective.

Here are other key findings from the teacher survey:

  • 77 percent think their principal is effective;
  • 63 percent think they would not receive retalliation for complaints;
  • 15 principals had 90 percent ratings for effectiveness;
  • 6 principals received 100 percent ratings for effectiveness;
  • 74 percent of teachers believe their school has a positive climate;
  • 33 percent of teachers think their amount of planning time is appropriate;
  • 63 percent of teachers report working 50 or more hours per week;
  • 56 percent think cuts to subsitute funding are hurting instruction.

Only 1,400 of the school system's 3,500 teachers responded to the survey.

The survey notest that teacher views on work hours have continued to decline, and that previous suggestions on ways to improve teacher schedules have been ignored by McGinley.

Hired in 2007, McGinley was given a School board members, though some were critical of her performance, overall rated her as "exceeds standards" in her annual evaluation.

Earlier this month, Part of the Vision 2016 initiative involves new evaluations for herself, administrators and teachers that are tied to ambitious literacy and graduation improvements. The survey notes that 60 percent of teachers oppose extending the school day or school year.


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