Sen. Lindsey Graham's Bill on Iran Gets Bipartisan Support

A rare show of agreement for Senate Joint Resolution 41 in an otherwise contentious session.

Apparently there is at least one topic on which both parties can agree—that Iran getting nuclear weapons would be bad.

Early Saturday morning, a resolution by South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham received nearly unanimous support in the Senate. Senate Joint Resolution 41 was approved by a vote of 90-1, with Kentucky's Rand Paul the only dissenter.

The bill "rejects any United States policy that would rely on efforts to contain a nuclear weapons-capable Iran."

It also is in line with the policy of the Obama Administration. It passed with only one vote against it, that of Republican Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky.

The bill is non-binding and ended with the statement: "Nothing in this resolution shall be construed as an authorization for the use of force or a declaration of war."

Read Graham's full statement on the Resolution here.

Ambassador September 24, 2012 at 10:06 AM
So, from what I read, this bill by our vaunted Senator is a lot to do about nothing and a complete waste of time. Just words that anyone can just ignore, especially anyone in the whitehouse. I'm sure Israel is just "thrilled" with this unwavering support.


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