Jenny Sanford Mulling Congressional Run

Former first lady could square off against ex husband Mark Sanford.

Not long after former Gov. Mark Sanford announced he would consider running for his old seat in Congress, his ex-wife, Jenny Sanford, announced she's also considering a run for the same office.

Sanford, who held the seat two decades ago before becoming governor, announced he was "studying" a run for the seat, which will be vacated by Rep. Tim Scott, who has been appointed to fill the seat being vacated by U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint.

Jenny Sanford, who lives on Sullivan's Island, was on Gov. Nikki Haley's short list to replace DeMint, told CQ Roll Call she's also pondering a run.

“I have already had calls from people offering to help should I choose to run, and I will speak with my family about that possibility over the holidays," Sanford said.

The couple divorced in 2010 after Mark Sanford admitted to an affair with an Argentinian woman. He has since reportedly proposed to the woman.

Robert Kelly December 25, 2012 at 01:49 AM
I don't know enough about her to judge, but then again, we are not into the campaign yet. I don't get the slams against her before she has even announced, or given any indication of what she stands for. Apparently she is pretty bright, and really, what other qualification should you expect from someone who may, or may not, run for seat in the 435 member House. This is not for a major leadership position, this is for a person who stands for the constituents of the district. If she represents them, she is qualified.
Anon Incog January 07, 2013 at 09:18 PM
Glad I live so close to the NC state line. Yeah, I know it isn't MUCH better than SC, but the idiots in this state make me ashamed to claim to be from SC. Party-line kow-towers $uck!!! Especially the racist GOP/TEA Party idiots. The Democrats aren't much better, but at least you have to "wonder" if they'll do a good job; the Republicans will continue to rob, rape, and defraud everyone. This idiots husband should NEVER be eligible to hold public office again...remember taxpayers, you paid for his trips to Argentina to spend time with his mistress. Now you gonna vote him into another public office??? SC voters....f|_|cking IDIOTS!
Anon Incog January 07, 2013 at 09:28 PM
Obey the law and you won't get the fine...see how that works??? I'm no Yankee, but I'd rather have a Yankee than a fascist as my representative.
Anon Incog January 07, 2013 at 09:30 PM
If EITHER Sanford gets elected, then the "laughing stock" is a very deserved label for SC.
Ambassador January 08, 2013 at 11:44 AM
So trips to Argentina are a no no but getting your yada yada massaged under the desk in the Oval Office and then lying about the whole thing is OK. I would hope that at the time and even now you look at little Billy and are disgusted, just as a trip to Argentina seems to have you disgusted.


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