Bostic Declines Patch/AARP Debate, Event Canceled

AARP official says organization is 'disappointed' in campaign's decision.

Tuesday's Patch.com and AARP debate between South Carolina First Congressional District GOP runoff candidates has been canceled due to one of the candidates declining the invitation.

GOP candidate Curtis Bostic has declined multiple invitations to the debate. Bostic also missed the primary debate held by Patch.com and the Republican Liberty Caucus of South Carolina. Runoff rival Gov. Mark Sanford had accepted the invitation. 

"It takes two candidates to have a debate," AARP SC spokesman Patrick Cobb said in a statement. "After numerous attempts to get Mr. Bostic's  commitment to participate in the debate, a decision had to be made in the ability to produce a quality debate ... We are disappointed that there will not be a good conversation and discussion of these issues."

The campaign did not give a reason as to why the invitation was declined, but when Patch met with campaign manager David O'Connell to invite the candidate, he said the campaign would only do a limited number of forums due to the tight time frame prior to the April 2 runoff election. 

O'Connoll released this statement to Patch: "Regrettably, Mr. Bostic will not be available for this event at this time."

Bostic's campaign has agreed to two only public forums prior to the April 2 runoff: A forum by the Hilton Head Republican Women on Monday, March 25, and the SCGOP debate Thursday, March 28.

Bostic was quoted in the Post and Courier as saying he thought Sanford might be the "best debater I have ever seen."

The conservative group FreedomWorks also had to cancel its planned debate when Bostic did not respond to invitations.

AARP and Patch.com, both nonpartisan organizations, were partnering to provide voters an opportunity to hear from and engage the candidates on issues that are important to the residents of the First District. The winner of the GOP runoff on April 2 will face Democrat Elizabeth Colbert-Busch for seat that was vacated by Sen. Tim Scott's appointment to the Senate.

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reg March 24, 2013 at 05:41 AM
i ugree widh von crze! we wull loose wath a looser! we nid sanfurd insted! yesss! Goo sanfurd! Do nut bee stoopid, poepel! Voote for sunfard! No loose!
maizenbluedoc March 24, 2013 at 12:27 PM
Jane: Both political parties resemble the tabloid media; saying anything and everything to placate the voters. I assume, as suggested by your post that a Libertarian is not as legitimte as a Democrat or Republican. What has member of either party accomplished recently? Maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing if someone other than the liberal or conservative groups to hve a chance to run the country as neither entrenched party hasn't done much, other than run the country into so much debt it is unlikely to recover in decades, if then. Time to stop equating politics to a sporting event and consider what the person has done and can do for America, not the party.
T.M. Cattles March 24, 2013 at 04:00 PM
I still haven't heard one single thing that Bostic would cut. In fact, I haven't heard anything from him regarding his qualifications. Mark Sanford has proven to me what he can do by his past experience. It should be very concerning to voter's that Mr. Bostic can't tell us what he would do. We certainly don't need someone in Congress to just sit there with a smile on his face. Many voted for Obama as a vote against Romney... They are now not happy w/things Obama is doing. People that vote against Mark because of his personal life, may very well do the same, realize what a mistake they made.
reg March 26, 2013 at 06:49 PM
In a teleconference last night, Bostic said he would completely cut the DEA and the Dept of Energy, and would privatize TSA. That's specific enough info on his cuts to let me know he's missing a few cards.
stanley seigler March 26, 2013 at 07:47 PM
re: eliminate DEA; DOEn, and privatize TSA...missing a few cards. maybe missing a few...more likely he(etal) knows, the pandered to will not remember the rhetoric and knows it cant be done (he will not be elected king, dilly dilly)... BTW 'we the people' who believe this are missing a few...dont forget the joker is dealing ...


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