Wando Student Arrested for 'Swirly'

Police reports: Police arrest teen for bullying; Restaurant employee swipes co-workers vacation fund.

A high school student accused of dunking the head of an underclassman into a school urinal faces third-degree assault charges, according to a police report.

The suspect said he was simply tired of the younger student talking too much in class. So when he had the chance, the suspect grabbed the younger student by the straps on his book bag, pulled him into a restroom and shoved the young man's head into a urinal.

The victim told his mom, but did not report the incident to police or school authorities. A young woman, however, heard about the incident and alerted the school's administration.

The suspect was arrested and booked into the juvenile detention center. Because of his age, the suspect's name is not disclosed.

Co-Worker Swipes Family Vacation Funds

An employee at a popular Shem Creek seafood establishment is accused of pocketing $3,000 in funds a fellow restaurant employee had been setting aside for a family vacation, according to police incident reports.

Julia Gay Meredith, 52, admitted to police that she stole from the cash savings twice, eventually taking a total of $4,180.

A fellow employee, who was running a t-shirt business with the restaurant's manager, had set aside the funds in his boss's desk so that he wouldn't be tempted to spend the money on anything other than a family vacation, the report states.

When the manager noticed the missing money, he contacted everyone who had access to his office. Shortly after, $1,180 showed up under a cash register.

Meredith told police she thought a third employee, with whom she had a falling out, would be blamed for the theft. She spent a portion of the stolen cash on rent and groceries and returned what she had left.

Police charged Meredith with a single count of grand larceny, the report states.

These items were selected from several hundred recent Mount Pleasant Police Reports. All charges are pending and accused parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

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linda mcpherson September 22, 2012 at 02:32 PM
BOTH of these are- UNACCPETABLE; THERE IS NO EXCUSE. What can be done to the student that assaulted the other student, that would be- 'just' .. The act is simply BEYOND WORDS! THINK ABOUT IT!..THE POOR FELLOW, BEING SO ASSAULTED IN SUCH THE WAY- GULPING IN..WHAT WAS IN THAT TOILET BOWL!, WHILE SOME FOOL IS DUNKING HIS HEAD INTO IT!~ WHAT- JUDGEMENT IS FAIR TO THE VICTIM, AS TO WHAT HE- SUFFERED, AND WILL CONTINUE TO- ...NOTHING-EQUATES TO THE SAME? THEN there is the lady that stole again and again from a co-worker's HARD EARNED savings..She MUST BE ORDERED TO PAY IT ALL- BACK, IMMEDIATELY.THAT IS SO ROTTON!!! SHE can sell her personal things- and put that toward payback, as well. There are places that she could have gotton help, but instead, she decided to STEAL- what another had -EARNED!, and managed to set aside. NO EXCUSE- IS ACCEPTABLE. There are food banks/churches/, that help out, as well as other private sources.


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