Police: Neighbor's Fence Argument Gets Ugly

Police reports: Man cuts down neighbor's fence in property line dispute.

A dispute over property lines and a fence got so heated one neighbor nearly went to jail, according to Mount Pleasant police report.

It happened in a Harborgate Drive neighborhood off Coleman Boulevard. Police went out three times over two days regarding the dispute, reports indicate.

David Fritz, 54, told officers his neighbor was digging holes for a fence three feet over his property line. He wanted officers to stop the man, but police refused because they believed the dispute was a civil matter.

When the neighbor, David Frantz, also 54, went ahead with the fence, Fritz began "folding back" sections of the barrier and placing "no trespassing" signs along what he believed was the legal property line.

On a third visit to the scene, officers write that Frantz threw decorative stone yard decorations into Fritz's yard. One of the ornaments broke and a piece struck Fritz's leg, the report states.

The officer wrote that he considered arresting Frantz on malicious injury to property charges. Instead he issued the man a $2,000 citation and ordered him to appear in municipal court.

Man Arrested for Choking Hospital Patient

A 26-year-old Mount Pleasant man faces second-degree assault and battery charges after police say he assaulted a woman at East Cooper Medical Center, according to reports.

Jerome Kasaun Dawson was at the hospital visiting a female patient when he apparently began choking the woman, according to a nurse quoted in the police report. When she called for security, the man fled.

Officers eventually caught up with Dawson who said the alleged victim was his girlfriend and that he believed she was cheating on him. He lost his temper when the woman received a phone call from another man.

He did not deny the charges, the report states, and asked the officers "What am I supposed to do, let her cheat on me?"

Angry Customer Destroys K-Mart Door

K-Mart has been losing customers to its competitors for years, but it's safe to say the struggling retailer won't be upset if a recent shopper never graces the Big K again.

The woman lost her cool when K-Mart employees wouldn't carry to her car more than 20 cans of dog food. She allegedly rammed her shopping cart into the store's front door and then charged a police officer, according to reports.

The 5-foot-9-inch, 138-pound 52-year-old woman carried enough strength that she busted out the glass at the store's front door and also dented the door's metal housing, the report states.

While being questioned by police, the woman began charging officers and apparently store employees, the report states.

The Huger woman does not face criminal charges, but K-Mart managers told officers it will try to recover the cost of damages through civil means. The damage was estimated at more than $1,000.

Woman Reports Stolen Furniture

A resident of the swanky Ravens Run community reported recently that a Mount Pleasant upholsterer had stolen her furniture and was using her credit card illegally all over the east coast.

The woman said she dropped off her furniture with the now-closed Imagine Interiors upholstery shop and paid upfront $13,000 to have the furniture re-upholstered. She has since seen the furniture online, apparently being used at the Family Circle Cup.

The alleged victim couldn't reach the upholstery shop owner, and then she began noticing credit card charges in Maryland and other states.

Police are investigating the allegations.

Boy Banned from Business for Making Out

A teenage boy was banned by police from returning to Blackbeard Cove because the management said he wouldn't stop making out with his girlfriend, according to reports.

The young man had apparently been warned by management several times to stop displaying so much affection publicly with the girl, but he wouldn't stop.

The miniature golf and amusement business got police involved recently when they spotted the young man up to the same activity. Police issued a tresspass notice to the boy and told him he wasn't allowed back on the property.

These items were selected from several hundred Mount Pleasant Police Reports filed over the last few weeks. All charges are pending and accused parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

van crause August 22, 2012 at 12:42 PM
Just Like I have said many times Mt. Pleasant police will not do their job, again its always "it not in our jurisdiction," "call the Sheriffs office," or "its a civil matter" "oh we couldn't possibly get involved," but they sure as heck will take you jail for nothing......give me a break Mt Pleasant police has over 150 doughnut eating fools.
JoSCh August 22, 2012 at 02:43 PM
David Frantz?
Patch.com August 22, 2012 at 04:04 PM
Good one, JoSCh...


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