Mugshots: Charleston County Arrests, Feb. 21, 2013

The following arrest information was supplied by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office. It does not indicate a conviction.

Mugshots and charges are made available to the public by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office.

Mugshots include arrests made by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office, S.C. Highway Patrol and municipal police agencies. Charges do not represent a conviction. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

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For more information regarding an arrest, contact the arresting agency or visit the Charleston County Clerk of Courts' public index.

For questions about this post, email northcharleston@patch.com.

Key to Common Charges

  • CDV — Criminal domestic violence
  • CRIM SEXUAL CON 14-15 — Criminal sexual conduct with a minor age 14-15
  • DUS — Driving on suspended license
  • DUI — Driving Under the Influence
  • FEDERAL ILLEGAL ENTRY — Illegal alien
  • CONGR UNLAW PURPOSE — Congregating for unlawful purposes
  • MAL INJURY TO REAL PROPERTY — Malicious injury to personal property
  • POSS — possession (usually of drugs, a weapon or stolen property)
  • POSS W/INTENT DIST — Posession of drugs with intent to distribute
  • POSS FIREARM BY CONV FELON — Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon
  • CRIME AGAINST FIN INST — Crime against a financial institution
  • SCH — In conjunction with a drugs or narcotics charge means schedule i.e.: possession of Schedule II narcotics
  • PUBLIC INTOX — Public drunkeness
  • VIOL — Violation
  • FALSE INFO TO POLICE — Providing false information to law enforcement
  • TRAF — trafficking (usually of drugs)
  • MARIJ/MARJ — Marijuana
  • MAN/DI ICE/CRANK/CRACK — Manufacturing or distributing ice, crank and/or crack
  • NRVC — Non resident violators compact
  • (FEL) — Charge is a felony
  • (MAG) — Charge from a Magistrate Court warrant
  • PROX OF SCHOOL/PARK — in conjunction with a drug or weapons possession charge means withing close proximity of a school or park
  • FAIL TO SUR — Failure to surrender (usually a suspended driver's license or license plate)

Police agency abbreviations

  • CHAS — Charleston Police
  • CCSO — Charleston County Sheriff's Office
  • BICE — Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • INS — Imigration and Natrulizations Services
  • IP — Isle of Palms Police
  • MTPLS — Mount Pleasant Police
  • NCHAS — North Charleston Police
  • FB — Folly Beach Police Department
  • P&P — Department of Probation Parole and Pardon Services
  • SCHP — South Carolina Highway Patrol
  • AAP — Charleston Aviation Authority Police
  • MHC — Charleston County Mental Health Court
  • DNR — South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
  • MARSHL — U.S. Federal Marshalls
  • US — a federal law enforcement agency possibly Beaureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Drug Enforcement Agency; FBI; or any other agency of the Unites States government


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