Lawsuit: Pinewood Sent ReVille to Counseling, Didn't Alert Authorities

After report of abuse, Pinewood sent alleged molester to counseling for attraction to young boys.

An amended lawsuit filed today alleges Pinewood Preparatory School in Summerville knew Skip ReVille had an attraction to young boys and ordered him to counseling after multiple complaints about his behavior.

But the school never reported the allegations — which included touching of one young man's groin — to police or any other government agency.

This amended complaint is filed by the parents of an unnamed former ReVille student who alleges the school did not do enough to protect him. The suit alleges ReVille molested him 10 to 15 times, according to court documents posted by the Post and Courier.

School officials were apparently alerted to ReVille's suspect actions toward young boys, but only counseled ReVille about the behavior.

Among other allegations, the suit claims ReVille took young men to dinner, had them to his home and had sleepovers, all without any other adults present. In 2004, one parent claimed ReVille tried to "touch (a young man's) groin on multiple occasions," the school disciplined ReVille internally.

He signed an agreement to get counseling and to not seek out time with students outside a classroom setting, the suit alleges. The lawsuit claims the plaintiff has a copy of the document.

Read ongoing coverage of the ReVille case.

Administrators have repeatedly denied knowledge of any improprieties while ReVille was employed at the Dorchester County private school.

The indictment alleges there are 15 victims of ReVille's abuse in Charleston County and six more victims in Dorchester County.

Multiple lawsuits, and have been filed alleging negligence allowed ReVille to molest so many victims.

Gretchen March 13, 2012 at 12:25 PM
Didn't the PINEWOOD Chairman say something last week that "no officer or employee had knowledge nor were aware of the allegations in these lawsuits."? Hmmmm ... if they had NO KNOWLEDGE why did they send him to counceling? Something is rotten in Denmark
H M Anderson March 13, 2012 at 04:12 PM
Did the parents know about this when it occurred ? If so , why didn't they pursue it then? The article doesn ot state the parents didn't know about it. Just wondering.


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