Father of Woman Killed in W.Va. Crash to Settle

The father of Nicole Miller, who was killed in a crash while attending a music festival in West Virginia in has agreed to settle a civil lawsuit against the driver of the truck that killed her


The driver of the truck that killed Miller was not criminally charged, and had sustained by two of Miller's friends, Elizabeth Rose Doran, 20, and Yen H. Tom, 21, also of Mount Pleasant. All three women were asleep in their tent when the truck crashed through.

The driver, Clay Harlin Lewin, of Cape Charles, Va., said he had been instructed to park at the top of a steep hill, and that All Good Music Festival organizers were at fault for allowing people to set up tents at that bottom of that hill, and not having parking attendants on hand to help people exit the festival grounds.

Miller's father Kim Miller, and Doran and Tom all filed lawsuits against Lewin and festival organizers. All three have reached a settlement with Lewin, according to reporting by WISTV. Miller's family will receive $300,000 for Nicole Miller's death, and Doran and Tom will each receive $100,000 for their injuries.


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