Three Families Sue The Citadel, School's President in State, Federal Courts

Lawyer alleges ReVille admitted attraction to young boys to Citadel Police but no action was taken.

Starting The Killers fraternity, where young boys received nicknames based on genitalia, was among the new allegations in complaints filed Monday regarding accused child predator Louis "Skip" Reville.

Watch the full video of the announcement made at the Mills House in downtown Charleston here.

The six lawsuits filed by McLeod Law Group Monday are against ReVille, The Citadel and Citadel President John Rosa. Three victims, with two lawsuits each in federal and state courts, are behind the complaints.

Only one of the victims alleges abuse at the military college. This is the 2002 summer camp victim. The other two victims claim that the college was negligent in not stopping ReVille then and in allowing his allegedly predatory behavior to continue. 

On March 14, a jury found Virginia Tech negligent in the 2007 shootings where 33 people died.

While millions of dollars went to some of the plaintiffs in that case, McLeod said his clients were more interested in funding programs to prevent child abuse but otherwise did not disclose what damages were sought. 

The federal charges stem from ReVille allegedly still being a state employee at the time the college found out about his alleged offenses, violating constitutional rights, and mandatory reporting statutes.

"Children have a constitutional right to be free from sexual abuse," attorney Mullins McLeod said Monday.

New details in the ReVille case include the alleged fraternity, which began after ReVille graduated from the military college; a 2002 incident where ReVille allegedly told Citadel public safety that he had a problem with pedophilia; and that the college had ReVille under contract as a state employee in 2007 when a camper's allegations were brought forth. 

The complaints also state that in April 2007, the same month that ReVille was dismissed two months prior to the end of his contract with The Citadel, there was an internal note that states: "Skip was asked to leave Pinewood Prep."

While of Summerville was not named a defendant in these new lawsuits, . An accusation the school has strongly denied. ReVille worked at the private school until 2006. 

Regarding Monday's complaints, McLeod repeatedly said The Citadel did not follow its own reporting standards and violated the state's mandatory reporting statutes. 

Some of the details — like that ReVille was under contract from August 2006 until June 2007 with The Citadel, and that ReVille allegedly told public safety officers of his problem — came from a direct investigation by the law firm. 


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