Chief: Officer Shot Himself, Lied About Assailant

North Charleston Police sergeant suspended without pay.

North Charleston, S.C. — A North Charleston police officer shot himself early on the 4th of July and lied when he said there was a confrontation with a suspect, according to North Charleston Police.

Sgt. Eddie Bullard had only suffered minor injuries after he was shot in his protective vest. The incident led dozens of Lowcountry from Rivers Avenue near Trident Technical College back to Interstate 26.

North Charleston Police Chief Jon Zumalt said Friday that Bullard's claim that he got into a struggle with a suspect when his gun went off was a fabrication, according to several news reports, including NBC News 2.

"This afternoon we learned it didn't happen. Nobody was back there, nobody grabbed him. He shot himself," Zumalt said.

News 2 also spoke with community members upset about the officer's claims and the investigation that followed.

Charleston branch NAACP President Dot Scott told ABC News 4 that Bullard should be fired. "A dishonest cop is a dangerous cop," she said. 

Scott also told ABC that this could be a learning experience for the police force.

Zumalt told the press that he's worried about Bullard's psychological well-being.

"He's very troubled," Zumalt said Friday. "Otherwise, no one else would do something like this."

Karen Anne July 11, 2012 at 05:52 AM
I'm listening Alex. I hope many more are too.
Karen Anne July 11, 2012 at 06:23 AM
Stanley Siegler--...hope you see this, I didn't know where to answer you.:-) No, I worked for NYC, downtown. As a s.w. Our large agency got majorly "downsized". I might have been able to transfer out earlier, but, more experienced members told us not to give the Admin an excuse to dissolve the agency. Was redeployed to the Bronx It was in an agency *no one* wanted to go to, and in a disadvantaged area. I was told they needed workers desparately, I thought I should go, and in fact was told they needed a special skill I had. I only used my skill with one client, and the agency itself was terrible--not my clients-- the supervision, and workload were outrageous. In other situations, I had grabbed a job when it bcame available. ..I was not the only white, but there too worked in an agency where many workers were black , and some people were not professional,or even trained properly. a secretary who listened in to phone calls and spead gossip--which was *not* quashed.That place worked out ok after some time--but the first reaction to a white woman over age 30 who apparently looked to many as if I was a rich white _ it was difficult.But worked out better as I got to know individuals. When I worked in a similar setting *women* though, (which I had wanted to do!) did have a couple friends / supporters...but many constantly ragged me..maliciously, and cruely.And I was their *boss*...but it was like they had no idea why I was there...it was terrible.
bluebird stuck in the south July 11, 2012 at 06:55 AM
agreed ya"ll but the past is done and past and we failed with our mentoring of the freed slaves and our native Indians into a well balanced harmonious society...so the current problem that requires solution is......? You guessed it....Are the jails which are overflowing working to correct an solved the crime problem especially when our police are corrupted and not always trustworthy to make correct decisions affecting the common good....the judicial system , the rehab system and the prison system are failures only barely squeaking by with a few reformed felons. It needs a total overhaul. An intelligent modern psychological think tank should be formed pulling best minds from around the world and bringing best studies from around the word of what works best for each type of crime or criminal.
bluebird stuck in the south July 11, 2012 at 06:55 AM
We are losing all the battles on every front against crime in our nation and now we are arresting basically innocent people for money for our empty city and county coffers so our law makers and so called protectors are in essence becoming guilty of collusion against its own citizens and taxpayers. But, we are fat dumb apathetic Americans who would rather watch TV, eat sugar for comfort, drink a lot of booze and enable ourselves to look the other way. Wake up American, these are all warning symptoms of a sick society. PTSD is affecting most of our population if not a veteran recently back from a crazy war front then a abused child from an alcoholic family where dad beat mom or killed mom or vice versa then topped off with racial misbehavior and ridiculous prejudices....... when what we hate are the parts of ourselves that we see in others. All this is mostly a result of no more prayers or spiritualism in schools to give children a foundation of values to live by and the over reaction to parents being able to discipline their children and teach them respect and how to accept responsibility.
bluebird stuck in the south July 11, 2012 at 07:03 AM
I have been noticing from working around our young adults, thoses aged between approx. 30 to 40 missed out on how we were taught in the 1940's and 1950's in our public schools and private about how one must be accountable for our actions and that there are consequences for bothe good and bad actions and behavior. It is as though the affluent society has overly spoiled our kids and now these offspring who are quite wise to the street ways have learned to play the system to benefit themselves either in getting away with lying, a crime, abandoning their family or children or as simple as accidentally discharging your weapon and covering it up by lying...ego ego ego. howz that for discriminating against the guys? haha, after all, the guys like to call out the women as pms'ing, or crazy menopausal or just plain crazy bitches to shift blame from their ( the guy's) own iniquities and insecurities. See how pointing the finger looks? That is why if you think about it, every finger you point at another, just points back around atcha....


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