Introducing "Her New View"

A new effort to bring together conservative women.

Last week in Washington, there was more of the same: gridlock in Congress, partisan discord, and an influx of information regarding the actual costs of implementing the Affordable Care Act; and yet in all this chaos, progress was made.  

The progress came via a series of events sponsored by The Palladian View under the banner, “New View from the Hill.” The purpose was to ignite discussions among women in politics on how to define success and, what’s more, how to achieve it.

At the core of the visit was a "soft launch" of Her New View, an initiative focusing on young professional women, self-identifying as conservative and Republican.  Young professional women from organizations and offices across the city came together in a roundtable, to discuss the hurdles they face in their everyday professional lives. Ranging in age from early 20s through the 30s these women all worked in politics; from social media to legislative assistants, to think tanks. They came together out of curiosity and hope. Each woman had her own story, but as a group, they shared a myriad of challenges that consistently were lacking solutions. 

From the difficulties associated with finding "meaningful" mentors who legitimately could bring perspective, to advice on where to begin again after losing a job, these women expressed real concerns. Perhaps the most common and disappointing comments came from the increased scrutiny many women felt by other women. For whatever reason, it was widely believed that women disparaged other women for their choice. The conclusion was there was an absence of fellowship and kindness.

One panel member opined that where there was an old boys club, which supported similarly situated men; one for women did not exist. A cut throat mentality amongst women has become the norm and has spread like kudzu—it’s unnatural and difficult to remove, quickly hiding the true colors and potential of all.  

These stories and others cemented Palladian View’s belief that there is a need and market for Her New View, an organization focusing on the young conservative Republican professional. Under the umbrella of Palladian View, Her New View provides a digital space for women to grow with one another.

Our "Heels on the Hill" visit to Washington provided many untold stories and faces to attach to them.  The roundtable in particular inspired us to ensure our mission embodied a characteristic that seemed so lacking for conservative Republican young professionals - a word elementary to most - kindness.  

With that said, as The Palladian View begins to develop, connecting women with mentors, building a platform for our voices to be seen, hosting speakers and events to continue supporting women in all roles in the political realm, we root these efforts in kindness. 

Women helping women: a concept so easily said, and apparently rare. Her New View is focused on changing this dynamic, through both actions and words—a true feat in politics.

Karen Floyd is the Publisher of www.palladianview.com, a digital magazine for the conservative Republican woman.


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