Testone Gives J.Lo 'Gooseys' During 'Idol' Performance

Judges said Testone should show more emotion when she sings.

had a lot on her mind during Wednesday night's performances on "American Idol," including her dog being ill and not feeling well herself. 

But while her emotions may have helped her deliver one performance that seemed to impress all three judges with Alicia Keys' "No One" on the FOX singing competition show, Testone's second performance of "Let's Get It On," by Marvin Gaye, had the judges asking for more soul.

"I just love watching you. I got my first gooseys of the night right there," Jennifer Lopez, a judge on the show, said after the first performance.

Read about Testone's previous performances on "American Idol" here.

The contestants were asked to choose one song from this decade, as well as a second song from a previous decade. The judges seemed to enjoy Testone's first pick, but Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson both said they felt her second song was not her best choice.

"To me, you just kind of oversang that song," Jackson said.

Prior to her first performance, a clip was aired of Testone meeting with music executive Jimmy Iovine for coaching. Iovine referenced the several weeks Testone has

"Elise has a vacation home in the bottom three," Iovine said. "She seems to be there all the time."

Testone, herself, said she does not know she is not getting the votes.

"I'm not sure exactly why I'm always in the bottom three," she said.

But Testone is still fighting amongst other contestants in the Top 7, not only for votes but for the judges' approval. Lopez said she thinks the voters would connect with Testone more if she showed more emotion through her singing.

"They want to know that you feel things, that you're a person, that these songs mean something to you," she said.

One of the seven contestants will be eliminated on Thursday night's episode of "American Idol" at 8 p.m. on FOX.


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